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Digital strategy & design

Design, Strategy, UX

Ziggy engaged real customers in the development process and let them lead the way Hemnet when got a new design.

The challenge

Hemnet was built around a search-function, while users visited the site not necessarily looking for a new home to buy or rent. Hemnet needed to be user-oriented to increase business and stop losing revenue opportunities like a rusty sieve. A clear focus on creating the right experiences was needed; that’s why they turned to us.

“Hemnet realized that they are not just about finding new homes, but also about offering dreams and inspiration”



We brought real target groups to the table and they lead the way. By listening to their needs, we realized that many users visited Hemnet for “inspiration” or just to “dream away”.  Following their footsteps, we were able to break new ground and find ways to increase revenue. Like Columbus found the Americas but with much sharper navigation tools… and a much happier ending.

To cater to unfulfilled user needs, three new sections were built: “Inspiration”, “Building & Renovating” and “Hemnet Magazine”. Through these changes, Hemnet found new advertising formats and partnerships (mortgage calculators, decorating planning tools, etc.) which translated into more time spent from every visitor, more page views and more ads to bring value to each visitor. From Ziggy’s perspective, it’s clear that good design and priorities generate results.