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Partnership for societal innovation


Do. Think. And do again.

Openlab is collaborative environment created to enable universities and colleges in Stockholm to improve the city through societal innovation.

The work is centered around three major challenges in the public sector:

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Healthcare
  • The aging population

Students from Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet and Södertörn University develop solutions that can adress everything from safety for cyclists to expanding the quantity of environmentally friendly healthcare products. It is an opportunity for them to impact people´s daily lives through real-world training in design thinking and agile methodology.

The office space of Openlab also holds a number of interesting small businesses and entreprenuers collaborating on similar projects. An arrangement that intends to encourage cross-pollination between academic institutions, government and private companies; the perfect breeding ground for innovation.

Openlab also houses the Open Café, run by the people behind the restaurants Lux and EAT. There are also bookable rooms for meetings and workshops open to everyone.

Ziggy contributes to Openlab by driving the prototyping workshop known as Make, and provides guidance in digital touchpoints to support design in various projects.

Contact Anders Mellbratt to learn more about Openlab.

Photo by Patrik Engström.