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Public platform for musicians

Branding, Customer Experience, Design, UX

Ziggy created a completely new digital presence with greater focus on the emotions and experiences that music is so closely associated with.


Properllerhead is a Swedish company that had always aspired to empower music makers with the tools to realize their vision. Their innovative products had made them a prominent brand amongst musicians since 1994. Yet, Propellerhead saw an opportunity to inspire an even broader audience. They wanted to shed their image as a niche software developer and reposition themselves as a community where professional musicians and amateurs alike could create music together.

They knew that a strategic overhaul of their website was a logical first step in realizing this transformation. Through this medium they could fuse together their most robust desktop software with the simplest of mobile applications. A true space for effortless collaboration, that would be more focused on building customer relationships than selling product.

Our challenge was to create such a presence for a diverse audience of music makers.


We set out to create a new site with a social platform that could foster musical ideas and adapt its offerings to specific visitors. To accomplish this we needed to understand how their key customer segments typically interact with music software. We began by analyzing each segment’s characteristics and historical data to determine which products had relevancy in the creative process. This would provide the blueprint for site interaction among their product assortment.

During our analysis it became apparent that branding would also need to be revamped. If their site was to introduce Propellerhead as a universal collaborative space they would need a more simple and approachable communication strategy.

The result

What emerged was an ecosystem that could cultivate inspirational fuel for a community powered by its own products. Anyone with the desire to express themselves through music could tap the imagination of other music makers to push their creativity. Professionals could work together on projects, bedroom djs had countless audio samples to remix and, novice producers could gather feedback from the community.