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One Hour

One extra hour helps a lot

Pro bono

Today there are millions of displaced refugees in Europe, representing one of the largest displacement crises in the world. The news of their ongoing plight has prompted many individuals and companies to make significant donations toward humanitarian aid.

But the sheer number of those in need requires us all to get involved.

To do something about this Maria Whyte, founder of Whyte & Lilja Architects, got in contact with Ziggy. She had an idea for a pro bono project where it was easy for anyone to contribute. What transpired came to be known as One Hour.

“For me it’s obvious to offer help where we as an agency can make a difference. One Hour is a simple way where I and my team can achieve a lot in a short time together,” says Jeanna Rutherhill, CEO of Ziggy Creative Colony.

The concept is simple: Work one hour free and then the employer donates the value of that hour. A model that involves both the individual and the company to put in an extra hour beyond normal working hours, as a contribution to UNHCR. The extra hour of overtime would be chargeable income for the company and serve as a productive internal working hour.

One Hour was launched in early October 2015 in collaboration with several partners who helped with everything from copywriting to visibility in media. Ziggy, besides being a founding party, contributed with digital strategy, design and development.

Visit One Hour and follow us on Facebook. And if you’re working at a consulting firm, get involved and contribute one hour!