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Ziggy Zense

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Our proprietary beacon platform

As more and more of our digital interactions go mobile, location-based technologies like beacons become an integral way of accessing data. They allow objects and places in the real world to live within a digital network that can deliver real-time information about our surroundings. Through context sensitive services anyone can access content relevant to their location in the right way and at the right time.

As an advocate for IOT, Ziggy’s vision of such an interconnected reality has driven ongoing research in beacon technology since day one. Research that manifested itself in a proprietary platform called Ziggy Zense. It was designed with scalability in mind so businesses with physical locations, like cafes or museums, could easily tailor it to their needs. That’s why features like seamless integration with existing apps and customer communication were top priority during development.

The platform consists of three parts:

  • Beacons
  • An app for iOS/Android
  • A backend system with content management capabilities

Beacons are the small hardware components you can position within a physical space. They’re built for indoor and outdoor use to allow for unrestrained placement options. As direct access point to users they afford behavioral information, like traffic patterns, as well as an opportunity to open personalized dialogues.

The app is the vehicle by which information is transmitted to your beacons; like a digital bulletin board. Every user needs to have the app installed with the beacon function turned on to send and receive data.

The content management system, CMS, is where smart services can be created for the app. For example, we have built a service for dustbins that senses when the bin gets full, and then communicate this with the help of passersby.


How we’ve used Beacons

Ziggy Zense is used in our app Ziggy Guide, an interactive audio guide of galleries, museums or other similar establishments. Once you start the app. you can put the phone in your pocket and the guide will automatically provide commentary that’s relevant to your location within the exhibit. Audio will even be paused if you walk away from a piece that has initiated commentary.

Another service was built together with Kicki Lenken and Ola Ljungstedt as a means to drive online and in-store sales at a famous international fashion chain. The concept originated from current shopping behaviors on social media sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. The service allows shoppers to create “Look Books” for inspiration as well as pair clothes and accessories they already have with items in the store. Watch the demo.

For more examples, please contact Michael Krantz , Vasileios Klouvatos.